Who We Are ?

“CELT Educational Centre is linked with Top International Universities and institutions. We provide admission, registration & Educational Consultancy facilities to students in Kuwait. Our 14 Years of Educational Consultancy Experience in Kuwaiti Market, we bring range of services as of tutoring, consultancy, skill courses & university under graduate & post graduate programs for students in Kuwait.”

Our Story

“It all started off with one person, whose mission was to provide education facilities to Pakistani’s residing in Kuwait. Its motto was to establish a world class educational services that will be dedicated to producing creative leaders capable of competing in the global market place.

Creators Educational Centre, with its registered head office in Lahore and branch offices in Kuwait and U.A.E, provides educational service an consultancy to students living abroad so they are able to compete in a global market. The mission of Creators Educational Center is grounded in the belief that the provision of a premier business education will strengthen the private sector and create innovative leaders which will be able to compete with the business market in profound way.”

Message from Director


We are living in a fast changing world, a changing society, progressing at a galloping speed, impact of science, scientific research, technological development, globalization on our daily life is vibrant and unavoidable, So the need to be geared up for tomorrow is for greater than ever before. Opportunities before us are immense and the task is onerous. With this mind, we continue to march steadily towards our aim to provide responsible citizens who will participate in nation building. Its fact that the progress of nation depends upon the quality of its teachers, so along with providing responsible citizens, teacher effectiveness and efficiency is the goal of the institution. The total system of education can be overhauled and streamlined only when the teachers are well trained professionally and personally.

Along with preparing of the broad base of the teachers the training in teaching methodology, skills and educational administration through intensive practice of teaching, microteaching and internship are rigorously given, in which practicing educational institutes  are also engaged. The CELT has as it backbone excellent infla-structure, teaching and general facilities are amongst the best.

For everyone of us that succeeds, its because there’s somebody there to show you the way out” we’re one of them“.

Thanking You

Miss Hina Saleem